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On-Premise Vs. Cloud-Based

Security and surveillance systems aren’t just about how they monitor your business. Management and storage of the data they collect, data security, scalability, and maintenance are all aspects of what type of system will fit your needs best. We offer cloud-based and on-prem solutions tailored to your unique business needs.  

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On-Premise System  

Cameras are connected to on-site hardware where the data is stored. Initial infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs are more than a cloud-based system, but data security can be easier 


Cloud Surveillance 

Cameras are connected to the internet and data is stored in the cloud. Cloud-based security needs less IT resources and allows for easy scalability and data access from anywhere.  

Business Surveillance Benefits

Security Your Way Because Every Business Is Different

Businesses have their own individual needs depending on size, industry, and so on. You need a security system that fits your needs and protects what’s important to you. Surveillance systems have come a long way in their capabilities, offering more protection than was previously possible. You can rest easy knowing that all your security needs are met with Tie National. 

Utilize footage of on-the-job successes for real-world examples to train new employees.

Use audio or video as evidence of disputes on your property in the event of investigation and litigation.

Leverage our app to give you the flexibility needed to keep an eye on your assets.

Manage the surveillance of multiple locations through one login and get text alerts for motion detection and more.

Nationwide Eagle Eye Camera Support

The video surveillance systems from Eagle Eye Networks are well-known, trusted, and equipped with the latest technology. That’s why we work with them to provide you with peace of mind and the ability to keep an eye on your business and ensure its safety from anywhere.  

Why trust us?

National Peace Of Mind Is What We Do!

We’re proud that because we’re a national company, we have the opportunity to provide businesses all over with the peace of mind that can only come from the best in security and surveillance. You’ll never be left behind with Tie National – we make our security easy to use and provide you with the latest upgrades, enhancements and security updates automatically to keep up with technology. 

Get The Security & Protection Your Business Needs & The Peace Of Mind You Deserve – Start With Tie National Today!

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