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Business Surveillance Systems

How can Tie National help you secure your most important investments? While you are busy expanding your business, our security system and surveillance (CCTV) solutions constantly keep an eye and ear on what happens at all of your locations. With options like in-app alerts and real-time video clips of important events as they happen, you’re never too far away from the office. Let interactive features like remote arm/disarm and climate/light control help change the way you control your business. Build a more secure and safe work environment at your building with the right business surveillance systems and accessories from Tie National.


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Benefits of Business Surveillance Systems:


Use video clips of your employees’ efficiency when training new hires for a more personable introductory experience. Instead of unrelatable stock videography, Tie National’s surveillance and corporate video systems can capture on-the-job successes so that your green employees can see first-hand how to solve problems in your unique work environment. Using your business’ own surveillance clips will put you a step above the competition when it comes to a memorable training experience.

Cloud Surveillance / On-Premise Systems

We have extensive video surveillance options to keep track of what’s happening with your business round-the-clock. We offer traditional on-premise corporate video surveillance systems as well as cloud-based and hybrid system solutions, such as Eagle Eye Networks. Our surveillance options offer you up to 2 years of cloud storage, remote viewing, system access, & reporting. You can also get event scheduling and in-app or email alerts on motion detection, with the option to receive event-triggered clips. Plus, you get real-time online video viewing & playback.

Your Business Surveillance System With Video & Audio 

Tie National can design a security surveillance system to fit any need and any budget. We specialize in video surveillance design and implementation using wired or wireless High Definition (HD) IP cameras, 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD cameras, 360° and PTZ cameras, hidden cameras, license plate cameras and cameras that include audio monitoring and recording. In addition to security systems design and installation, Tie National can also provide state-of-the-art active video monitoring and response services.


Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Remote Cloud Video Surveillance

Tie National is proud to partner with Eagle Eye Networks, providing cloud video surveillance systems to businesses of all sizes. As the 2018 Eagle Eye Networks Regional Dealer of the Year, we have installed thousands of Eagle Eye cameras across the nation. If you own a franchise and are looking to update your business surveillance systems, you can trust Tie National to complete the project in a timely manner. Our nationwide base of technicians is ready to help you get the best in business video and audio surveillance equipment.

Smartphone App

Between employees, customers, profits and inventory – you’ve got a lot on your mind every day. None of us can be everywhere we need to be all the time. Our state of the art video surveillance solutions will afford you the opportunity to keep a watchful eye on your property wherever you may be from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Knowing what is going on at the office and being able to review past events is now as close as an app on your phone.

HD Cameras

Our experienced professionals can help design a complete surveillance solution for your business from the ground up using wired or wireless High Definition (HD) IP cameras, 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD cameras, 360° and PTZ cameras, discreet hidden cameras, license plate cameras and cameras that include audio monitoring and recording. We address your security challenges and help identify blind spots in your environment. Whatever the need, interiors and outdoors, we have a camera solution to keep you covered.

Evidence Against Theft & Other Occurrences

Stop shrinkage at the door with advanced and comprehensive theft prevention devices from Tie National. Cameras are primarily used as a theft deterrent; when a would-be thief notices the surveillance equipment at your location, they will rethink their motif and not steal. If you are currently conducting an investigation into an employee who you think might be stealing, a surveillance system will save you time and effort.

Corporate video and audio systems also come in handy when you are tied up in a customer dispute (“I was promised on my last visit that…”). Also, during worker’s comp cases that are filed by your employees, you can reference the camera footage that was taken during the time of the accident. When it comes to surveillance, having physical evidence in your corner can help tremendously.

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