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Carrier Services

When it comes time to assess your telecommunications carrier needs, the process of figuring out how to correctly align the right connectivity can be complex. And to go a step further, it can be a challenge to determine which provider you should trust to put your data on their network. Tie National acts as a liaison assisting our clients with designing, implementing and managing carrier solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With access to all major telecommunication providers across the country, we help you navigate today’s telecom complexities.

Fiber / Broadband / Wireless / 4G

Businesses of any size need reliable internet service but understanding the available options and selecting the right technology can be confusing. Choosing the best business Internet solution begins with understanding how your company will use it and how it needs to be managed. Factors like the network load of applications used, the need to connect mobile or remote workers, the need for redundancy, network management, and planning for business growth are vital considerations. Tie National experts can help you understand your broadband requirements and select the best internet solution for your needs.

SIP Trunks / PRI

Tie National can help you get the most from your on-premise phone systems and PBX by utilizing SIP Trunks and PRIs. Trunking solutions provide crystal-clear calling, easy scalability and cloud-based features that help enhance employee productivity. If advanced digital features and superior connectivity are the top of your wish list, PRI trunking is the ideal solution for your business. SIP Trunking integrates with your premise-based SIP PBX. It’s an elegant, cost-effective voice solution with scalable features and end-user mobility options that increase productivity.

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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Hands down one of the biggest frustrations that businesses face is not knowing where each of their telecom dollars is spent. When was the last time you performed a telecom expense management audit of your carrier services? Has your current carrier been proactive in identifying cost optimization opportunities? Tie National can help identify unused and obsolete services and recommend services that generate the most savings for your organization. Check out our TEM Case Study.

Cell Phone Management

An increasingly mobile workforce and growing security threats mean you need to improve how you manage mobility throughout your business. Tie National can help you meet the demands of your mobile-first culture and bring consistency and oversight to your business and streamline your IT operations— all so you can stay focused on growing your business.


A growing business means an ever-increasing need to share applications and data with multiple locations. SD-WAN technology is a viable option for automatically determining the most effective way to route traffic to and from branch offices and data center sites. MPLS is a protocol-agnostic routing technique designed to speed up and shape traffic flows across enterprise-wide areas and service provider networks. Both are engineered solutions for your business if you intend to grow outside your current office. Tie National can help you choose the right path for an optimized and growing network. Does your business need reliable carrier services from dependable IT professionals? Contact Tie National today to set up a service plan! 630.301.7444