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Carrier services

We Navigate Today’s Internet & Phone System Complexities For You

We’ll Do All The heavy lifting

We act as a liaison, helping you design, implement, and manage carrier solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since we have access to all the major telecommunication providers across the country, we can set you up with the best connectivity for your needs at the best rates! 

The Benefits Say It All

We work hard to find you the right telecom provider because finding a good deal, knowing if it really is a good deal, scouring the fine print – it‘s all exhausting and you have a business to run. 

What we provide

We Don’t Just Find You The Best Carriers

Although it’s an important part, our job is more than just finding you the carriers that align with your needs best. We implement carrier solutions for you and manage them too. Tie National is not a one project company, we build relationships with our customers and remain your partner and go to resource for the long haul!  

Fiber | Broadband | Wireless | Cellular

We help you determine your internet requirements and find the best solution to fit your needs. Once selected, we help you manage your internet solution to optimize efficiency. 

SIP Trunking | PRI Trunking

Crystal clear calling, scalability, and cloud features are a must. We help you choose SIP or PRI Trunking so you get the most from your on-prem system based on your priorities. 

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

We identify unused and obsolete services and then recommend cost optimizing services that generate the most savings for your organization. 

Cell Phone Management

We bring consistency and oversight to your business by helping you meet the demands of your mobile-first culture to streamline your IT operations 

POTS replacement

Upgrade your communications with our POTS Replacement solution. This upgrade also keeps you compliant with lifesaving emergency communications like fire alarms, elevators phone & fax lines, and more. 

SD WAN Networking | MLPS Networking

SD-WAN determines the most effective way to route traffic while MPLS is designed to speed up and shape traffic flows. We find the right path for an optimized and growing network. 

Telecom Expense Management 

Knowing how Your Money Is Spent Is Just Good Business

One of the biggest frustrations for businesses is not knowing where each of your telecom dollars is spent and not realizing how it’s affecting your budget. With Tie National we help you: 

Find The Best Services – Improve Efficiency – Get Cost Effective Solutions!

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