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Audio Visual Systems

Tie National’s full range of business audio and video systems can help every type of business, from formal conference room set-ups in corporate buildings to background music systems in car dealerships, restaurants, stores and more. We are an experienced contractor in the sale and professional installation of all types of Audio Video systems in retail locations, health & beauty salons, corporate training facilities, and many other venues.

Mood Media

Mood Media is a music source that puts control of your background music in your hands.  You are able to remove songs from playlists, create a favorites playlist from individual songs, and change your music on the fly.  Unlike other music providers, Mood Media does not rely on an internet connection for your background to play. Instead, by downloading all of your music, Mood Media ensures an uninterrupted client experience.

Background Sound Systems

Background music plays a vital role in providing a great customer experience in a retail, hospitality or leisure environments. Just like the decor, lighting, and other atmospheric features, a venue’s background music can truly enhance the space and should be a key consideration for brands that want to remain competitive.  Tie National offers background sound solutions that complement your brand and integrate with your surroundings. Our background music also works great with sound systems for small businesses.


Tie National offers Paging and Intercom Systems for Public Address Announcements including ceiling speakers, telephone paging amplifiers, horn speakers, paging speakers, intercom systems, Emergency Notification System, Paging System Packages, and VoIP paging. No matter what size or technology, we can help your business incorporate a new paging or sound system. Our background music also works great with sound systems for small businesses.

Digital Signage & Menu Boards

Tie National knows that for restaurants, menu boards are a cost-effective solution for keeping prices, products and promotions up-to-date. Modern menu boards enable restaurants to add full-motion video into their menu display, update content to account for product changes, and change prices for single or multiple locations.  Digital signage allows businesses to maintain branding consistency across multi-location franchises.

Sound Masking / HIPAA

While inviting communication and collaboration, modern open-office environments create a lack of privacy and added distractions. Adding a low-level electronic background noise reduces speech intelligibility so that conversations cannot be easily understood. Sound masking systems reduce conversational noise while increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and, satisfaction.  The perfect solution for both offices and healthcare facilities, sound masking meets HIPAA requirements ensuring security for patients and healthcare providers.

Many times your business can benefit from other IT support services in addition to audio/video. To learn more about these IT services or our business audio and video systems, contact Tie National at (630) 518-9600.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Audio Visual Systems

What are the benefits of using business audio visual systems?

Audio visual systems can be used to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, improve employee productivity, inform customers about products and services, boost sales, and provide a secure environment for confidential conversations. With help from Tie National, you can keep your business up-to-date with modern technology and stay competitive.

What type of audio visual system would work best for my business?

Every business is unique, so it’s important to find the right system for your business. At Tie National, we offer a variety of audio-visual systems that would work in different environments. Some of these systems include our Mood Media background music, our paging system, digital signage, and sound masking noises. Talk to the experts at Tie National and find the perfect system for your needs.