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The seamless integration of audio-visual systems into your business creates an engaging, informational, or interactive experience for your employees, customers or clients. From formal conference room set-ups in corporate buildings to background music systems for retail stores and more, Tie National can help you with both the sale and professional installation of a variety of systems to fit your needs. 

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power your business With Modern Technology

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a business that is out of touch and lacking a modern feel. Giving them your business without knowing if they’ll be around in a year, is hard to trust. From the corporate conference room to the waiting room at your local car dealership, audio video systems provide an up to date, modern, and relevant perception of your business. This gives your clients and customers security knowing your business pays attention to the details and has no problem keeping up with competition or future technology These systems give you the edge you need to stay ahead. 

Our Background Sound solutions complement your brand and integrate seamlessly with your surroundings, enhancing your space for customers.

Mood Media gives you control of your background music letting you create playlists and change your music on the fly, without the need for an internet connection.

We offer Paging and Intercom systems for different business needs, sizes, and industries to get clear communication and instruction to your customers fast.

Digital Signage and Menu Boards give you a cost-effective solution for keeping prices, products, and promotions up to date and maintaining brand consistency.

Sound Masking is the perfect solution whether you're a healthcare office in need of HIPAA-compliant privacy or a business office needing less distractions.

The Use Cases Are Endless

Our audio video solutions give your business, whatever your industry, business enhancing benefits while also setting you apart from the rest as the future focused company you are! 



Captivate customers with product demos on high-definition displays, while clear audio highlights features and benefits. This interactive experience boosts sales and engagement. 

video conferencing


Train remote teams efficiently with live video conferencing, presentations, and screen sharing. This saves on travel costs and fosters a more engaging learning experience. 

video conferencing


Impress clients with a professional audio-visual setup that ensures clear audio and high-resolution visuals for impactful presentations. 


Set the tone for your space with background music and streaming and allow your customers to experience everything you have to offer.

Business benefits

A Game Changer For Office Efficiency

When you think of audio video systems you may think of the ambiance of cool clothing stores or informational messages in the waiting room of your doctor’s office. One of the biggest game changes for productivity in a business is sound masking, Sound masking is engineered ambient sound that helps mask voice distractions, which is hugely beneficial in the popular open office concept of modern businesses. With little to no sound-absorbing materials, distraction, privacy and confidentiality become major concerns. Sound masking can cut much of the distracting noise, making for a calmer, more productive environment.  

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