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You have just lost a customer from poor service.  Money walked out the door because you didn’t value their time?  You have a problem and we’re your best friend to solve it.

“The average small business loses half its customers within three years.  That grim statistic comes from [a] serial entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant Barry Moltz, who shared it at the [webinar] ‘Setting Your Small Business Up for Success..(MindaZetlin Co-Author ‘The Geek Gap’)”

Don’t make poor phone service a reason for losing customers. Heed these three Deadly Sins of on-hold messaging when dealing with customers.

Number 1:  When dealing with corporate C-level customers, don’t put your message on hold. Executives will hang up if their needs are not quickly and professionally met!  Business grows by fulfilling the needs of clients so don’t upset them with long hold times. Keep your customers happy by using the best telecommunications system available.

Number 2:  Let your message state upfront the number of minutes it takes before being answered. Don’t keep them waiting very long, but only as long as necessary and tolerable.

Number 3:  Never pass calls around to different people in the company.  Callers deserve only capable people handling their needs.  In addition, know exactly who that person is before forwarding the call.  No one enjoys being passed around a number of times only to get someone’s voicemail or be disconnected without talking to the right person.     

Need help creating the perfect script for your message on hold? We’ve got you covered for that too!




Michael R. Durante

Michael Durante spent his teenage years into his early 20s climbing the ladder in a branch of a successful banking firm, starting as a teller and ending as a Sr. Branch Manager within 6 years. In 2003, he left the banking world to join his father and create TIE National, a telecom company 60 years in the making. Together, they grew the company from a two-man operation solely working on telephones to a multi-million dollar international business with employees in over a dozen states, covering everything from phone systems to cloud products and computer systems. You can find Michael on LinkedIn.