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Cellular Backup internet

Uninterrupted Workflow – Seamless Connectivity

Are You Effectively Prepared For An Outage?

A quality, uninterrupted internet connection is an absolute necessity in this digital age. With our cellular backup internet, you’ll never have to worry about poor connection or loss of revenue because of it.  

Stay Connected

You have peace of mind, even in outages or in the event of equipment failures because our cellular backup kicks in and keeps your internet connection stable and reliable.

Stay Productive

You and your staff will never even notice a difference if there’s a drop in connection or if your normal router goes offline. With cellular backup, you can work without interruption.

An Affordable Solution

We know that budget is a concern when it comes to business. We provide our customers with affordable cellular backup services. Whether your business is large or small, deep pockets or shallow, you deserve the most cost-effective IT services. Tie National has the perfect internet backup for your needs and wallet!  

cellular Backup Benefits

It pays to have a backup plan

Weighing the pros and cons of things can help with decision-making. The Tie National cellular backup has tons of pros and little to no cons. 


Avoid Downtime 

When you have internet backup, you avoid instances of being disconnected from the internet which your business just can’t afford 


Pays For Itself 

If your business loses connection, it can cost you much more than the cost of our wireless backup, so it quickly pays for itself. 


Easy Installation 

Our cellular backup can be installed in a single workday so you don’t have to worry about business inconveniences or interruptions. 

Outage causes

Connectivity Issues Can Happen - cellular Backup Can Help

Causes for outages can vary and are much more probable than you’d thinkIn the event of a natural disaster or an equipment failure that could disrupt your service, traffic instead reroutes through our wireless backup using mobile data. This backup allows you to stay connected to the cloud, coworkers, and most importantly, customers.  

About 98% of organizations claim only one hour of downtime costs over $100,000!*

Natural Disasters

Employee Mistake

System Failure

Equipment Failure

Construction Cut Cables

And More!

Don't Leave It Up To Chance – Be Prepared!

Getting started with Tie National’s cellular internet back up is quick and easy. With possibilities and events everywhere, that can lead to an outage, an effective solution easy on the budget is a no-brainer. Imagine an affordable solution that includes a quick installation that won’t even interfere with your regular tasks. You can have it; we can provide it! What else do you get? 

An affordable plan for any business

Unlimited backup data for redundancy

Zero hardware costs available with select plans.

Protect Your Business, Data & Wallet With Tie National’s cellular Internet Backup!