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4G Backup Internet Services

As the digital world continues to grow, businesses have started to rely on the Internet to complete important business activities. Because of this, internet outages could cause serious damage to a company’s productivity. Having a reliable and stable internet connection is essential for businesses to remain competitive and keep their workflow uninterrupted. Having an internet backup can provide businesses with peace of mind knowing that they won’t be inconvenienced if there’s an outage.
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Is your business prepared with a wireless internet backup?

With an internet backup, you’ll never have to worry about losing profits due to a poor internet connection. With 4g backup internet, you and your employees won’t even notice a difference when there’s a drop in your standard connection or if your normal router goes offline. With help from a 4g network backup, your team will be able to work without interruptions caused by your current network.


Stay Online

When your internet is down, so is your company. Thousands of dollars in revenue can be lost from just one day of faulty internet.


Protect Assets

Don’t worry about losing important information or data. Prepare for IT disaster recovery with a wireless internet backup.


Reliable Backups

When you have Tie National’s 4G backup internet services in place, your business will remain online even when your regular Internet fails.


Prevent Disruption

If you need to find an IT company to help you prevent network disruptions in your business, Tie National is here to help. Our trained technicians can add 4G wireless Internet.


Upgrade Your Setup

No matter your location, our team can come to you and perform this straightforward installation to your current technological setup.


Enjoy Easy Installation

Our backup internet installation process can be done within a single workday and won’t interfere with your regular tasks.

Keep Your Business Secure with an Internet Backup

If your internet connection suddenly drops, Tie National’s wireless internet backup will keep you connected until your normal network is back online. Getting set up with a reliable 4G backup internet is easy. Simply call the technology experts at Tie National, and we’ll schedule a time to send a technician to your location who will install your new internet backup.

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Tie National 4G backup internet

Affordable Internet Backup Services

Tie National knows that budget is always a concern for businesses. That’s why we provide our customers with affordable 4G backup services. We understand the need to stay within budget and will work with you to ensure that your business gets the most cost-effective IT services. Whether your business is large or small, Tie National has the perfect internet backup for your needs.

Wireless backup services

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– Unlimited Backup Data

– $49.99/month

– No hardware cost

– Easy Signup

– Professional Installation Available

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Ready to make sure your business is secure with a 4G wireless backup internet? Contact us today and someone on our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to find the best internet backup for your needs and get it installed as fast as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About 4G Internet Backup Services

What is 4G internet backup?

4G internet backup is a service that provides your business with an additional layer of security for your current network connection. This ensures that, in the event of an outage or disruption to your regular connection, you will still have access to the Internet via your 4G network backup.

How much does it cost to get 4G internet backup services?

Tie National offers a 4G backup plan for $49.99/month. With this plan, you’ll have unlimited backup data and won’t have to pay for the hardware.

Does Tie National offer professional installation services?

With a 4G backup plan from Tie National, our technicians provide a free professional installation, so you don’t need to worry about the setup process.