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You want your company to run smoothly, which requires attempting to forecast what you will need to budget for over the next few years. Technology updates are coming at the speed of light, so how can you be confident that you’ve considered everything necessary to ensure your business remains competitive? Here are a few of the recommendations from national IT experts that will help you right-size your tech budget for the coming year.


Protect Vital Communications and Business Systems With 4G Backup Internet

Your company’s success is tightly tied to your team’s ability to service customers and run daily operations, which means a stable, secure 4G internet connection is crucial. To stay on the safe side, you should consider 4G backup internet for your company. This way, if your connection goes offline, you and your employees won’t have to worry about losing any work. Having a wireless 4G backup is the solution for extending your company’s internet connection until your primary internet connection is restored.

With wireless 4G backup internet from Tie National, your company won’t risk losing assets, and there won’t be any disruptions to your and your employees’ workflow.


Confidently Implement Reliable Systems with IT Deployment Services

Maintaining consistency across your business systems requires extreme diligence, which can be challenging for overworked internal IT teams. When you work with an external technology partner, you can be confident that every system deployed on your network has the correct security in place, is fully tracked, and that it will work efficiently as part of your business operations. IT deployment services with a tech partner help ensure software updates flow smoothly to all devices and that patches are applied in a timely manner. Plus, many IT services companies will provide a single point of contact, so you can ensure that your budget, timeline, and unique needs are being considered at all times.

Video Surveillance Systems


Corporate Video Surveillance Systems

No one wants to think about why a surveillance system at your place of business is necessary, but the world has shifted in such a way that they’re truly vital. Maintaining a secure environment for your staff members, customers and other business partners start with a full suite of video and audio surveillance systems. While there are systems that you can implement using internal resources, ensuring that you are fully covered and protected through regular updates and testing is best left to the professionals. Whether you’re protecting a single point of entry to your business or covering multiple locations, advanced audio and video security systems help reduce the chance of asset loss and can alleviate dangerous situations as well.

With an advanced system, your company benefits from on-site surveillance, cloud storage, remote viewing, system access, and reporting. You can also receive alerts and have the option to watch live footage from your smartphone. One option is Eagle Eye cloud video surveillance and HD cameras — along with audio monitoring and recording — which offers the best quality surveillance service. Working with an external IT services company provides you not only with system design and installation but also with monitoring and response systems. Video and audio surveillance can give you peace of mind in the occurrence of theft or even in the event of a customer dispute if your company needs to provide evidence against a claim.


Keep Your Vital Data Safe with Network Security Solutions

Your company’s customer data and internal information should be protected at all costs. In the past, you may have worked with local or regional shared storage solutions to provide secure backup and recovery processes, but is that enough? When your company experiences an outage or even a cyberattack, you need to be fully confident that your data storage provider can leap into action and quickly get you back online. Your access to business data makes the difference between being able to serve your customers and falling behind the competition — so you can’t take any chances.

Data networking is the process of keeping your company’s data secure across all of your company’s devices. Your data security provider should supplement your systems by using the latest technology of routers, switches, VPNs, and firewalls to minimize security risks and stay current. Regarding cyber security, which is a constant, major threat to businesses every year, you need a team of experts to protect your company from these threats.

Network Security Solutions

You Need Trusted IT Support Services from Tie National!

When planning your company’s budget for the next year, we encourage you to consider Tie National’s IT services. We work hard to ensure that your business has the tools and expertise needed for efficient and secure operations at all times.


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