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Today’s businesses are often highly diversified, which can lead to challenges in maintaining a solid infrastructure while technology departments are encouraged to push forward on new initiatives. This lack of focus on infrastructure is a not-unexpected byproduct of moving quickly — a difficulty which can be easily remedied by allowing internal IT professionals to focus on driving the business forward. Another difficulty lies in ensuring that your networks are as secure as possible, a time-consuming task that requires an ongoing commitment to research and education. See how managed IT services affordably provide you with the support that your business so desperately needs.

Enterprise IT Solutions & Services

To create sustainable business success in today’s digital and tech-savvy world, corporations must partake in enterprise IT solutions and services. The most common IT services enterprise companies choose to utilize include network infrastructure, computers and phone systems, and multimedia and surveillance solutions.

Network Infrastructure

From structured cabling and routers to cybersecurity and patches, the infrastructure of your network truly is the backbone of your business. The ability to quickly and easily access data regardless of your physical location is expected. Without the right backup and recovery procedures in place, your business can experience catastrophic losses. Emergency call routing and help desk services provide an added level of enterprise IT support when you need it most.

Computers and Phone Systems

Maintaining, logging and auditing your computers and phone systems can be a chore — not to mention the time required to provide support to your staff. With enterprise IT solutions, our professionals will provide:

  • Computers, tablets and POS systems
  • On-premise and cloud-based phone systems
  • Fiber / broadband / wireless / 4G and cell phone management
  • Installation services, remote assistance and help desk with 24/7 support

With these solutions in place, your teams are free to innovate; leveraging internal IT business leaders and staff for new and exciting projects.

Multimedia and Surveillance Solutions

Save time and money on travel with enterprise IT solutions that incorporate audio and video systems for exceptional video conferencing. Protect the safety of your staff and visitors with high-quality corporate video and audio surveillance systems, adding a level of comfort for employees in today’s uncertain times. Simply seeing a video camera as a part of your security suite is enough to deter many would-be felons, who will move along looking for an easier location to pursue. Get the latest technology with our smartphone app that allows you to remotely manage your cloud or on-premise security solutions.

With our revolutionary Mood Media, you’ll enjoy excellent sound quality in your conference rooms and gathering spaces while gaining the ability to easily manage the integrated solutions. Digital signage helps create a cohesive messaging structure for your organization, keeping staff informed and visitors engaged.

These managed IT services solutions from TIE National are all delivered at your location by seasoned professionals. We are your nationwide technology partner, providing 24/7 local support for your business success. Our broad spectrum of clients includes organizations of all sizes — from managed services to large-scale multi-state installations. Contact us today at 630-518-6900 or via email to