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“Honesty, Transparency, Passion.”


Why Work With Tie National?

When you choose Tie National as your IT management company, you receive more than just a vendor. You receive a relationship. Each of our customers will be assigned a dedicated National Account Representative and Project Coordinator, and will have access to a nationwide base of technicians. Our team of IT professionals has the experience, customer knowledge, and accountability your company needs for its IT services. We work daily to accomplish the goals of our mission statement:

“We believe that business should be conducted at every level with Honesty, Transparency, and with all of the Passion of the business owner. We do this by partnering with each of our constituents; from our clients to the technicians we contract. Every transaction we handle speaks to our character and the character of those we employ, giving us the ability to bring superior Technology Installation and Equipment Solutions all across North America.”

IT Solutions and Support

As one of the leading IT solutions companies in the nation, Tie National provides a variety of services to advance your business’s technology. Between network security solutions, managed IT services, and even product installation, our company serves as an extension of your current IT department. When partnering with Tie National, you receive customized IT solutions and knowledgeable expertise from IT professionals. Our company works nationwide, from cities like Scottsdale, New York, and Chicago to even small towns that are not on the map. We provide both small business IT support and enterprise IT solutions to offer businesses of all sizes the technical support they need. Technology is quickly advancing in today’s society, and businesses must keep up if they want to succeed in their industry. Get your managed IT services, IT solutions and IT support today!
IT Support

Experienced Nationwide Deployments

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IT Support

IT Support Atlanta
Keeping the technology updated at your business can be a difficult task. It often takes a team of IT specialists when faced with an issue. At Tie National, our on site IT support services are available for all businesses, and include items like security and virus protection, backup and disaster recovery, and managed IT services. Some of our most valuable IT services include our national IT deployment services and our 24/7 help desk services.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions
Whether you are a franchise, healthcare office, or a large corporation, there are various types of IT solutions & support available for your company. Partnering with an IT solutions company, such as Tie National allows you to stay ahead of your competition by using products such as cloud-based phone systems, online data backup, or even digital signage and menu boards. Our IT services are endless at Tie National!

Managed National IT Services

Managed National IT services are beneficial for many reasons. With Tie National, our national IT services include options such as data security, background music, business surveillance systems, telecom expense management, and Technology Solutions® program. This constant monitoring and comprehensive support makes national technology management as easy as possible. As a business owner, you can sit back and relax knowing your national IT management needs are taken care of.

Network Security Solution

With the Internet being a critical component for success in the business world, your business must use network security solutions. As the nation’s leading IT company, Tie National offers everything needed for network security, including cyber security and IT security services. We are the single source for network hardware and IT security basics to prevent and recover from cyber attacks. Learn more about network security solutions.

Small Business IT Support

Small businesses make the world go round! As a critical part of your community, you must take advantage of the technical opportunities available to you. Tie National offers hardware, installation services and other small business IT support services such as uninterruptible power sources, digital signage, cloud video surveillance, telephone systems, network solutions and more. Get started with your small business IT support today!

Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise IT Solutions

Large enterprises and corporations require expert on site IT services. Services must be standardized across your multiple locations to ensure your business runs efficiently. Tie National provides enterprise IT solutions including infrastructure standardization, network installation services, national dispatching, and other Nationwide IT Services. We also offer professional cable management services and free consultations. Get your enterprise IT solutions started today! Tie National is here to answer all of your questions. Call today to receive a full list of our IT solutions & support services. 630-301-7444

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is technology management?

A company that specializes in technology management is responsible for the overall health of your business’s technology. These companies will often order, install, and update technology while also providing on site IT support when needed. A national technology management company is experienced with managing technology for multiple sites or locations, such as enterprise businesses and franchises.

How to choose a national IT management company?

To select an IT management company that best meets your needs, choose a company that specializes in all aspects of technology, including equipment ordering, installation, training and support, as well as project management. Feel free to ask the national IT companies you are interested in about their past experience and industries they’re familiar with.

What are the benefits of consolidating multiple vendors into one national IT service?

Consolidating multiple IT vendors into one nationwide IT service creates a more manageable approach to controlling your technology. Instead of dealing with various contacts across the globe, with national IT services from Tie National, you have one main contact for everything technology related. In return, communications are streamlined and projects are completed faster.

How to find an experienced national IT support company?

Choosing a company that specializes in national IT support is easy. Unlike other companies, Tie National offers a variety of IT support services including computer, phone, and surveillance systems, carrier services, data networking, and national IT management. Give us a call to learn more: 630-518-9600.

Do I need remote or on site IT support?

The technology issue you are experiencing may be resolved through remote help desk services, or you may need technical assistance through on site IT services. At Tie National, we’re dedicated to assisting you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Can my business benefit from using a national technology company?

Many large companies in the healthcare, retail, construction, health and beauty, transportation, and communication industries have seen drastic improvements by switching to a national technology provider. Having access to a variety of technology equipment, a nationwide team of technicians, and a 24/7 help desk are just a few of the benefits Tie National offers.

What Our Clients Say About Tie National…

Paul Kopp, Business IT Infrastructure Manager

Tie National is our primary resource for the on-site coordination of our national installations and roll-outs.

We use them as the physical arm to support us with all on-site aspects of our installations, moves and roll-outs. After my team defines the drop points, Tie National performs their site survey to identify any obstacles that may prove to be a challenge.

One of the reasons we have had such an enduring relationship with Tie National is because they have technicians for every job across the USA. Because they know our sites so well, their technicians and coordinators never need hand-holding and are so easy to work with.

Brock Clayton, CIO

Making the move to use Tie National as one of our strategic partners has been one of the best technology decisions yet.

They are professional and they understand franchising. Repeatable reliable installs are required and that is what they deliver.

I would recommend them to anyone who would like to streamline their technology implementations.

Jeff Silbert, Franchise Owner

Tie National stands behind their work and has very good processes. I can confidently recommend TIE for businesses like mine. TIE knows what they are doing and stand behind their work.

Tie National is a very good partner in helping to build out my business.

Dennis Clark, IT Project Manager

Thanks so much for your continued excellent support in making things happen on short notice!

Jodie Creamer, Franchise Owner

Starting a new business can be a very overwhelming process. There are a thousand things that have to be done and there is never enough time in the day to get them all done.

Having Tie National, LLC on board to handle the technology is not only a sound business decision it eliminates a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

Our project coordinator took over every aspect of the phone and computer installation allowing us to focus on other important items. At the end of the day, it was the best investment we could have made!

Theresa Holderread, Franchise Owner

I am so thankful to have the TSP® with Tie National, LLC. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours and headaches the program has saved me in resolving our computer issues, no matter what the size.

It’s great to know that someone is able to take the technology problems off of our hands and make sure the problem gets done professionally and in a timely manner.

Donna Senatore, Franchise Owner

When we opened up our first clinic, we had the privilege of working with the Tie National, LLC team who helped orchestrate the process.

They met with myself and several of my contractors on a weekly basis to make sure that we stayed on track and that every process was timed out correctly and completed accurately.

Any issues that arose would be handled promptly by their team and they would keep me up-to-date when needed.

Jill Peters, Franchise Owner

I appreciate all the assistance I received from the Tie National team.

They handled every step of the process from ordering through installation and follow up. They always kept me informed so I could keep my staff informed, as well as letting me know when and why we incurred some additional unexpected charges.

They were very responsive and great to work with!

Brian Kiel, Director of Operations

It is so nice as a multi-unit operator to not have to worry about calls from 16 locations coming into our office, then to only have to troubleshoot and then find the right person to fix it.

Tie National’s call center support for our locations combined with their vast knowledge of our systems makes our relationship very beneficial and efficient.

I would say one of the most beneficial parts of the TSP program is TIE’s ability to remotely work on the solution and act as a vendor/carrier liaison to resolve issues faster. Using Tie National as our liaison saves us so much time. 

Elyse Pedersen, Franchise Owner

Everyone at Tie National is helpful and easy to work with.

Most of our installations have been super easy and smooth; however, a recent one presented a challenge due to construction problems concerning our millwork. Rather than delay the installation, the technician made everything work despite the construction issues on site.

Tie National has a great group of technicians that understand my complicated systems, and I have even been able to request a specific technician for dispatch. This adds extra peace of mind knowing my general contractor will be working with a familiar technician.

Tie National is a one-stop-shop for my technology. Their sales people have always taken the time to discuss my options and have set my business up for success rather than gouging me for extra money.

Rich Ratkelis, Franchise Owner

I can’t imagine building out a clinic or managing an IT project without the assistance of Tie National, LLC. The value received was well worth the expense.

They took the time to educate me about the decisions that needed to be made and were the first to point out areas where I could save money, even if it meant they lost a sale. The team kept in close contact throughout each of my projects and continued to be there for us once the projects were completed.

Stacia Counelis, Franchise Owner

It’s amazing the direct responses I get when I contact you, so thank you. I have been trying for forever and a day to get both of these issues resolved and had no success… of course, you work your magic and make everything happen.

Sol Glastein, Franchise Owner

As an owner of multiple clinics, dealing with technology issues is part of the normal course of business.

TieNational’s TSP program is like an “insurance policy” to help keep my clinic’s technology up and running.

Brian Kiel, Director of Operations

The communication with the Tie National team has been great and I appreciate getting all of the notifications to stay up to date with what is going on.

We went from a great relationship with single person IT support model to TIE’s TSP® for 16 locations across 2 brands. The move to TSP® has tremendously decreased our interaction with technology-related issues and has allowed us, as an organization, to reallocate that saved time on more crucial parts of the business.

TSP® is a one-stop call center for our locations and due to their relationship with our franchisors, they are able to troubleshoot and fix the problem quicker and more efficiently than other IT support solutions.

Theresa Holderread, Franchise Owner

We use the service TSP® mostly for computers although we’ve also had Tie National help with DVR, printers, IT security, and phones.

The biggest thing I can say about TSP is it provides “peace of mind” because I’m not the person they call anymore for issues at the clinic.

I understand TIE has a cheaper version [the TSP® Lite Plan instead of the Plus Plan] that doesn’t include onsite visits but I am hesitant to go to that option because I know how expensive it can be should a technician have to be dispatched out and then I’m back to having to find someone.

Kelly Perelli-Minetti, Franchise Owner

I’m a big fan. Tie National’s TSP® has been perfect for me every time!

As an owner of multiple locations, I invested in TSP® . I love the “one-stop” approach to have a reliable, fairly priced IT support team for my clinics. Prior to signing up for TSP®, if there was an IT or phone issue, my clinic operations came to a grinding halt; and while I had a local IT guy who was knowledgeable in computer equipment, he did not have a relationship with corporate’s IT group or vendors. Therefore, coordinating support to figure out if an issue was hardware or software related was a nightmare.

TSP® gives my clinic management staff one number to contact. They are available 24/7 and extremely responsive. They coordinate all repairs with experienced remote and local IT experts. I chose the TSP® Plus Plan so that I did not have to worry about an unbudgeted giant expense for onsite support. This is one of the best investments I’ve made as a business owner. I now have “peace of mind” as Tie National’s TSP® always has my back.

John Garrett, Franchise Owner

Tie National has been very responsive to our needs. Quality product, quality services and great communication. Is wish I could share every experience TIE went above and beyond my expectations; I will share two.

  1. Original sales and install they were on top of things and communicated very well.
  2. Recently problem with music suite, help desk went out of their to quickly correct the problem. Courtesy and reaction were excellent.

I love the communication and appreciate the courtesy and responsiveness of their team.

Elyse Pedersen, Franchise Owner

The key benefits my locations have experienced from Tie National’s TSP are Convenience, Service, and most importantly Confidence. In the past, it had been a struggle to find a local IT company that understood our point of sale system and our business’ set up in general. With the Technology Solutions Program, my managers are confident handling technology issues as they arise. As an owner of multiple franchises, I cannot be on site full-time to help determine who to call in a crisis. I appreciate that TSP gives my managers the convenience of calling one number to reach a phenomenal group of problem solvers who understand my business technology from cradle to grave.